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Hiking in Blekinge

There are many hiking trails spread all over Blekinge. Each and everyone well marked as you go along the trail. 

"Vildmarksleden",The wilderness trail, is passing by our Blekinge Holiday Homes and is 60 km long and allows both hiking, cycling and riding. The trail is excellent marked with blue and there is the possibility of overnight accommodation along the trail.

The Blekingeleden is a total of 255 km long and stretches between Sölvesborg in the west to Bröms in the east. The trail is excellent with orange markings and in Sölvesborg the trail connects to the Skåneleden trail. The trail is divided into 12 maps in A4 format that can be bought at tourist offices in the area. The trail goes through several municipalities and each municipality describes its parts on its respective websites.

Karlsnäsleden If you are eager for a day trip maybe the Karlsnäsleden can be interesting. It is 15 km long and stretches between Ronneby and Karlsnäsgården. More about this route can be read at Ronneby municipality.

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